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Epilepsy Is One Of The Most Common Disorders Of The Nervous System. There Are Many Misconceptions About Epilepsy. That's Where We Come In. Welcome To Epileptic Seizure Disorder.com. This Site Is A Free Information Resource That Will Answer All Your Questions About Epilepsy And Seizure Disorder. As You Explore This Site, You'll Discover...

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A chronic neurological condition, Epilepsy is characterized by recurrent and unprovoked seizures. Epilepsy is most commonly controlled through the...
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  Epilepsy Foundations

Richard Romando

Approximately 2% of the US population suffers from epilepsy, one of the widely prevalent neurological disorders in the world. To ensure that these people lead a relatively healthy and comfortable life, a voluntary health organization called The Epilepsy Foundation exists. This organization advises, educates and provides various services to epileptics and their families. The agency is an active member of the International Bureau for Epilepsy and National Health Council.

The Foundation works at the national as well as international levels through franchises and offices. Few examples are Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan, and Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. The primary aim is to ensure that patients take part in all activities performed by healthy person. The agency also undertakes research on possible preventive and curative methods for the disorder. It also takes effort to change legislative laws toward enabling epileptics have equal opportunities as other citizens.

The agency conducts various programs that aid in research, improve women’s health, and encourage the public to help epileptics. Popular programs are Epilepsy Gene Discovery Project and H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People with Epilepsy) Mentoring Program.

Services provided by the Foundation include, counseling, awareness programs, conducting camps for children and teenagers, holding meetings to educate large communities and creating support groups to get closer to people.

The Foundation gets a majority of its funds from philanthropists and lesser amounts from government and private sources.

Top-notch professionals, businessmen, and other elite members of the society form the Board of Directors. The Foundation also has a Professional Advisory Board that comprises experts in epilepsy.

Apart from the US, the Foundation also works in other continents such as Australia through the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria.

Epilepsy provides detailed information on Epilepsy, Epilepsy Foundations, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Epilepsy Treatments and more. Epilepsy is affiliated with Fibromyalgia Treatment.

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Commonly known as a seizure disorder, epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition which causes seizures to arise often, and unprovoked. The word "Epilepsy" is named by the Greek. It means to "take hold of" or "to seize". Surgical methods are sometimes used to treat this condition, but medication is the general and more common method. Not every cause of epilepsy is known to humans, but many probable factors have been identified. These factors include brian damage, head trauma, high fever, bacterial encephalitis, intoxication, acute disturbances of metabolism, brain tumor, and other penetrating wounds to the head. The largest cause of epilepsy, however, is hereditary or genetic. Any person can endure an epileptic seizure under certian circumstances. The seizures can be provoked by drug overdoses, or in some cases even acute illness. The condition epilepsy, however, does not apply to these people. Epilepsy is defined by recurring, unprovoked seizures, although there is...
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