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  Epilepsy Lifestyle Issues

Richard Romando

In simple terms, epilepsy refers to a seizure disorder. This chronic brain disorder temporarily stops normal electrical activity of the brain. Uncontrolled movements of the body, disorientation, fear, anxiety and unconsciousness may accompany these seizures. In most cases, epilepsy is controlled by medication. In extreme situations, patients are operated on. In over 70 percent of all cases, the cause of epilepsy is unidentified. Untimely and sudden seizures are disturbing and dangerous. For this reason, epilepsy lifestyle issues are a major concern for patients and doctors.

Diagnosis of epilepsy makes a patient wary. These seizures, more often than not, target a patient's lifestyle issues. It is important to know that the disease is not the same for everyone. The source, type and frequency of seizures vary among patients. The effect of seizures depends upon individual lifestyle. For a few people, epilepsy may have little effect on everyday life, whereas for others seizures may be risky. This has to be closely observed and lifestyle issues have to be addressed accordingly.

Since epilepsy occurs without warning, regular medication is a necessity. This is essential to help the affected person cope with daily challenges. An employed individual needs medication to avoid epileptic attacks at work. This could be life threatening and can hamper the persons productivity. If a seizure occurs while driving, it is almost always hazardous.

Prescription drugs allow epileptic persons to participate in sports and leisure activities. It is important to carry medicines, if epileptic people decide to travel abroad or out of the state. Since the family physician is not available in these places, medicines go a long way in preventing any untoward event. In a few sensitive epileptic cases, seizures may even be triggered by specific occurrences. Once identified, these situations should be avoided.

Stress and alcohol consumption should be controlled. In case of pregnancy, anti epileptic drugs may increase the risk of abnormalities in a developing baby. A patient?s doctor, neurologists, pediatricians, as well as an epileptologist, can be consulted to successfully deal with epilepsy lifestyle issues.

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