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Epilepsy Is One Of The Most Common Disorders Of The Nervous System. There Are Many Misconceptions About Epilepsy. That's Where We Come In. Welcome To Epileptic Seizure Disorder.com. This Site Is A Free Information Resource That Will Answer All Your Questions About Epilepsy And Seizure Disorder. As You Explore This Site, You'll Discover...

Revealed: 10 Tips For People With Epileptic Seizures † Seizures: Have You Been A Victim Of People's Ignorance? † The Musical Myth: Does Music Really Impact Epilepsy † She Ignored Her Symptoms And Nearly Killed 3 People †

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Article 115 Americans will die unnecessarily TODAY


Epilepsy claims up to 42,000 American lives each year. Up to 40 percent of these could be prevented with better care and treatment, a UK audit reveals. Shocking statistics have come to light through research into epilepsy related deaths....
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Article Ascent Scientific Expands Low-Cost Ligandô Glutamate Range to Help Research into Neurological Disorders


Ascent Scientific ( www.ascentscientific.com ) announced the expansion of its Low-Cost Ligand ™ glutamate range – chemical tools that will aid research into a wide range of neurological disorders. The range includes groundbreaking...
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Article Calming The Storm of Epilepsy: Is Miracle Implant the Future?


Imagine a device that monitors a patient's brainwaves. Imagine it predicts a seizure is about to occur. Imagine it stops the seizure before it begins. Imagine ... If you could have imagined such a device 10 years ago your name may...
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Article Death -- Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt


For patients with chronic or difficult diseases, MedTees.com empowers patients through humor, information and online community. T-shirt sales also funnel dollars to targeted charities. Wilmette, IL ( PRWEB ) November 14, 2005 -- What do...
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Article Diagnosing Spells: Fits, Faints and More


Spells. Things that go bump in the night. Such events are medical mysteries in need of solving. As a consulting neurologist, I've learned that part of my job is to be a "phenomenologist." To explain, if possible, the unexplained. To puzzle out...
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