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A neurological disorder that affects the nervous system, epilepsy is also known as ‘the seizure disorder.’ In fact, epilepsy is often diagnosed after...
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Natural Help for Epilepsy
Natural Help for Epilepsy By Denice Moffat I recommend the movie First Do No Harm for anyone with epilepsy or knowing anyone with the...
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Schoolgirl Nichola’s Death Could Have Been Prevented by a Simple Piece of Equipment
The British National Press recently reported on the tragic death of Nichola Coombs, the twelve-year-old schoolgirl who suffered an epileptic fit ...
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  Warning -This Could Save Your Life

Kenneth Little

Health crises are something we have all grown too familiar with. Surviving your next crisis may well depend on taking to heart the following information. It does not involve taking the latest medication or undergoing life threatening surgery.

However it does involve having the patience and courage to respond in a certain way to a medical diagnosis that could be considered a death sentence.

The simple response that could save your life or that of a loved one -"Thank you doctor for your diagnosis but I will of course need to to seek a second opinion"

In the case of the love of my life - my wife of 26 years - we had to seek several second opinions when she was diagnosed with seizures that would take her life within weeks if she did not undergo brain surgery.

That was 10 years ago and the best diagnosis we had - from a doctor with a lifetime of experience - was that the seizures "would pass in time". He added we would need to find the root cause of the seizures.

You will be amazed at what brought an end to the seizures.

It was not the latest medication. It was not brain surgery. It was the kind and thoughtful words of a gifted doctor that got me thinking.

It has taken me 10 years to find out what was making my wife unhappy deep on the inside. And causing the seizures.

Oh how I wish the discovery could have come sooner.

All through my wife's suffering years, and for many years before, I had been a part time teacher because I believed that was the only work I could get. Deep on the inside my wife had been fearful of our long term future because I did not hold a full time job.

As soon as I got to praying and believing for a full time appointment I obtained a job as a marketing teacher. Within days the seizures stopped. Now my wife has peace of mind and all anxiety has fled from her life.

All because my wife and I chose to ask for a second opinion.

You too can chose to use your right to seek a second medical opinion for any diagnosis that tries to proclaim a death sentence over your life or the life of a loved one.

Copyright 2006 Kenneth Little

Kenneth Little is a writer, teacher, public speaker and the publisher of a re-released classic - in a revealing ebook- that will show you how to get the best of health and wealth out of all your future years. Find more on this at: http://www.Young-at-Sixty.com

True success will be yours no matter what your age. Amazing "How I Became Young at Sixty" brings renewed strength to your body, hope to your mind and increased prosperity to your lifestyle. You Can Get your Free ebook "How I Became Young at Sixty" by going to: http://www.Young-at-Sixty.com/get-your-f-r-e-e-ebook.htm

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